The Tracks of our Lives

Tracks of Our Lives, the Music that Made Us is the delivery of dream that has been constant for DJ and musician Chris Banks over the years.

Chris grew up in a household without a  television set but with a wonderful HMV radiogram. Music was always prominent.

Chris started his musical journey winning a talent contest singing when he was just 6 years of age. His uncle who played in a dance band noticed that he was always tapping his hands on his knees so persuaded him to find a cadet band to learn drum skills which he did.

It was not long before the lure of rock n’ roll kicked in. However, he always loved singing and discovered that he could not drum and sing so learned the guitar. Music was by now embedded in his soul.

His journey continued through bands from the early ’60s onwards. His passion for music and radio as a listening medium was growing stronger. The dream kicked in during the wonderful era between 1964 and 1967 when pirate radio changed the face of radio in the UK. He remembers saying “I want to do that”. Chris has always wanted to share his love of music and moved on to being a DJ and presenting music in his own style often fronting festivals and events and gained the reputation as “the man on the mic”.

So now the dream is fulfilled delivering it his way. The plan is to have guest presenters and also to involve his many musician friends in interviews with their memories. Chris’s favourite saying is “Music is in the ear of the listener”.

Enjoy being on this journey with him.